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StayWell’s award-winning library of health content can help drive traffic to your site and promote your products, programs and services while increasing awareness and reputation of your brand.

Become the destination of choice for health information.
When consumers need answers to health questions, they go online. Be the source they turn to by building robust health content into your website. StayWell’s consumer health information libraries, interactive tools and engaging multimedia position your brand as a trusted partner in health.

But this credible information doesn’t just build traffic to your site. It provides a unique digital experience that influences health behaviors, differentiates your brand and increases awareness and utilization of your programs and services.

Content you can present with confidence.
Our content is continuously updated with the latest medical research and clinical guidelines by skilled medical editors.

We also contract with medical experts to review the libraries for clinical accuracy and usability, assuring that content is URAC-accredited, 508 compliant, and written at appropriate reading levels. The team develops or revises content design and functionality as needed to enhance customer experience and learning.

Providing access to thousands of articles on health conditions, tests and procedures, daily news updates, vibrant videos, animations podcasts, recipes, quizzes, assessments and more, our portals deliver health content that positions your organization as an authority and a caring partner.

Make it your own
Use our content to create a general health and wellness destination for your target audience, or build wellness destinations and microsites to support service lines such as cardiac, orthopedics, neurology and women’s health, wellness and disease awareness programs or other key initiatives and programs. Whatever the need, we can work with you to develop a custom microsite to help you achieve your goals. And, we stay behind the scenes and give you full credit; your consumers will see only your brand, not ours.

Use a Symptom Checker to drive traffic and enhance self-care—anytime, anywhere
Drive traffic to your site and help consumers determine appropriate care for common symptoms and minor injuries with a Symptom Checker and Care Guide – available in English and Spanish with both adult and pediatric settings. Our interactive body care guide lets them explore their symptoms, and it leads them through the decisions to make and steps to take to feel better fast. Incorporated into your website, it becomes a valuable tool for driving traffic, engagement and repeat visits. Offered on a mobile device, it becomes a helpful care guide that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

We’ll design your care guide to support your brand and link users to your network, your physicians or your programs. You’ll drive site traffic and encourage appropriate utilization of services while providing useful information consumers can count on.

Content is written by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson, whose clinical protocols are used by 90 percent of medical call centers, tested in more than 15 million symptom calls, and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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