Patient Education

Our data-driven tools and patient education programs let you inform patients about risks, conditions, treatment options and lifestyle changes in the right way at the right time.

Empowering patients for real results.

In today’s healthcare landscape, improving health outcomes, enhancing quality and satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships are more critical than ever before.

Clear, effective and engaging education and communication is crucial. Health outcomes improve when people fully understand diagnoses, treatment options and self-care practices. As the leading choice for accurate, accessible and effective health information for more than forty years, our Krames Patient Education portfolio supports and reinforces your efforts at every point of care.

A higher standard for patient-centered content
Our health education solutions are designed for the way people learn best, whether written in their spoken language, delivered on video, online, on mobile devices or via any combination of formats.

Our content—developed with an understanding of patient behavior and in strict accordance with the principles of health literacy design—helps you increase comprehension, improve outcomes, and drive down costs.

With Krames Patient Education from StayWell, you’ll have access to the industry’s most respected and extensive array of health care content available. And, it’s offered in multiple formats and seamlessly integrated in workflows, so you can reach the right person, with the right message at the right time— and motivate them to take action.

Choose Krames Patient Education from StayWell. Because results matter.

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