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From managing chronic conditions, to supporting healthy lifestyles and keeping healthy people healthy, StayWell’s health management solutions fuse expertise in health engagement with the science of behavior change. Our solutions help clients achieve and maintain better population health and bottom line business results.

Health Portal for Employers
StayWell’s employer health portal provides organizations and their people a fresh, modern and inviting gateway for all program activities—igniting and sustaining engagement and providing widespread visibility for the many ingredients that create a culture of health.

It’s configurable and personal. From local to national health promotion activities, to incentives management, to integration with other vendors’ or local programs, all population health management components are easily managed. Offering meaningful, prescriptive health improvement options, the StayWell portal excels at getting people started on a personalized path to better health.

Health Platform for Health Plans
Educate and influence healthy behavior in your members and attract new ones with an engaging, interactive health portal platform that is fully branded, flexible, credible and powered by sophisticated technology.

Our platform makes the most of StayWell’s rich content, state-of-the-art technology and a highly flexible technical platform that easily integrates data from a variety of sources. Members are provided with individually tailored health recommendations and guided to appropriate digital coaching programs based on their responses to a health assessment that identifies and prioritizes behaviors to assess readiness and move the user through long-term behavior change.

To create a powerful draw for your members, our platform integrates with other health plan programs, and includes customizable calls to action, an interactive wellness center and symptom checker, quick links, incentives and social challenge options and a daily news section rich in multi-media videos, podcasts and animation.

Health Assessment
Beginning with a simple, yet powerful, mobile-accessible Health Assessment, individuals receive an informative picture of their health in just minutes. Our smart ‘Assist’ feature guides them each step of the way, starting them on the right path and keeping them engaged with tailored, instructive opportunities for living better.

Individual and Group Challenges
StayWell health portals easily integrate with online social challenges, which are fun, easy, engaging, and rewarding—bringing friendly competition to life, igniting behavior change and connecting diverse and dispersed populations. Combining our scientific approach with the latest developments in health tracking technology, many of StayWell Challenges boast integration with leading activity trackers.

Incentives Tracking
Our robust incentive solutions allows participants to simply track their progress toward overall incentive goals. Easy-to-use functionality and graphics encourage continued participant engagement that leads to increased behavior change.

StayWell Health Library
Written to inform, engage and empower, StayWell’s digital content packages answer the health questions on the minds of your people. Our health library boasts thousands of articles on health conditions, tests and procedures, daily news updates, drug information, recipes, quizzes, assessments and more.

Online Classrooms
As part of our comprehensive employer portal offering, StayWell’s Online Classrooms use principles of adult learning and theories of behavior change to educate and motivate people to improve their lifestyle habits. All information provided on the portal, within Online Classrooms, and across all StayWell programs, works together in concert to engage individuals to be active with their health.

Telephonic Health Coaching
StayWell health coaches are trusted partners, trained to support people to set personal health goals and determine right-sized, realistic steps for making and sustaining change. Each coaching conversation is sensitive to the individual’s unique perspective on their health, their level of self-confidence, their perception of why it’s important to change the behavior, and their familiarity and expertise in performing the behaviors needed. Our personalized approach transforms participation into healthy habits—helping people live well and keeping them engaged.


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