Onsite Solutions

To complement our core health management solutions, StayWell offers effective, highly visible health programs and events where it counts—onsite where people work.

Onsite Programming

Worksite presence, combined with comprehensive health management strategies, sends a powerful message to individuals that the organization cares about their health and well-being and is committed to providing the tools and resources they need to achieve their health goals.

StayWell is a trusted and knowledgeable partner in designing, managing and staffing worksite health promotion programs for geographically dispersed clients. We pride ourselves in creating programs that reflect the distinctive needs and culture of each client and worksite. Our programs drive measurable results that exceed industry standards.

StayWell helps organizations realize the greatest value on investment by targeting wellness strategies to the specific needs of diverse populations and specific locations, based on their unique demographics and health and wellness profiles.

Wellness experts across the U.S. are putting a face on engagement

In addition to our team of strategic account managers, StayWell has a team of more than 70 experienced onsite staff who are embedded at our clients’ locations. This team works to increase engagement in programs and build a culture of health at the worksite by:

  • Enlisting local management and key stakeholder support
  • Providing support to employer contacts at the local level
  • Connecting with participants face to face
  • Creating a culture of health
  • Increasing engagement and enthusiasm
  • Providing worksite education and awareness programs
  • Monitoring the program, constantly improving and customizing the program, and keeping it fresh month after month

Biometric Screenings

There’s power in numbers. The more a person knows about their health, the more likely they’ll change it. We use our best-in-class screening model to check your population against risk factors for costly-to-treat conditions such as heart disease, overweight or obesity, and diabetes. Our screenings will keep your population in the know with knowledge of numbers: blood pressure that’s too high, for example, or cholesterol that’s in the danger zone. Knowing where they stand will motivate them and fuel their efforts for healthy change.

We’ll deal with the details. Our expert screening team will plan, staff and manage your entire event. We regularly organize screenings and health fairs for tens of thousands of people—at single locations or at large, multi-location national organizations.

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